Introducing Pokemon Go to the World of Grand Theft Auto 5

By Andarilho Published 6th Aug 2016

Adventure around Los Santos collecting pokémon, evolving pokémon and hatching eggs!


Following the global craze of Pokémon Go, this brand new Grand Theft Auto 5 Mod allows you to do many things which closely relate to the game. It has an XP/Level system which is an exact replication of the original game, the XP you earn and the XP required to level up is equivalent to the app. Every 5 minutes the game will automatically save all the current progress including all items in your inventory. When you next load GTA 5 with the Pokémon Go mod on, it will automatically load all of your previous information.

{subtitle}Unique In-Game Pokemon Models{/subtitle}
While exploring Los Santos, various EL1 (Evolution Level 1) Pokémon will spawn near you which can be captured by throwing pokéballs at them. Capturing them will store them into your inventory. Some EL1 pokémon can evolve into EL2 pokémon like Charmander and Squirtle, which evolve once the player has captured 10 of the specific wild Pokemon. You can also evolve EL2 pokémon into EL3 pokémon by having 10 EL2 pokémon.
{img=gta_pokemongo_1.jpg}Pikachu, Bulbasaur, Charmander, Wartortle, Blastoise, Charizard, Charmeleon, Squirtle, Psyduck{/img}

Pokéstops are distributed throughout Los Santos, with few in San Andreas. Pokéstops are an essential source of pokéballs and eggs. You can only collect from pokéstops on foot, and you can only re-visit the same one 5mins after you previously visited it. Eggs come in 3 rarities, 10k, 5k and 2k, the harder the egg is to find and complete, the higher EL pokémon you hatch from it. For example if you collected a 10k egg, place it in the incubator, then ran for 10km you will hatch a EL3 pokémon.
{img=gta_pokemongo_2.jpg}In-Game pokéstop model{/img}

{subtitle}Assign Personal Pokémon / GUI Overview{/subtitle}
Once you have captured, evolved or hatched pokémon, you can assign them to be your personal pokémon. They will follow you around and if you get attacked they will protect you. You can manage which pokémon you want to set as your personal pokémon in your inventory.
{img=gta_pokemongo_3.jpg}Inventory shows currently owned pokémon, and currently assigned pokémon along side general stats.{/img}

Pokemon Go for GTA is still in development and an initial release is expected for next week. Depending on the reaction by the GTA 5 community, further implementation of Pokemon and other fun features will be added to the mod at a later time. Until then, it's time to catch some Pokemon, Los Santos-style!



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