Grand Theft Auto V

Halloween Event for GTA 5 is Now Live on Next-Gen Consoles and PC 4 years ago

Halloween Skins, Vehicles, Game Modes and more have been added to GTA 5 for the Halloween event

Bringing Call of Duty Zombies Into North Yankton 6 years ago

Battle against the undead, purchase weapons, perks, doors and the magic box in this brand new mod!

Introducing Pokemon Go to the World of Grand Theft Auto 5 6 years ago

Adventure around Los Santos collecting pokémon, evolving pokémon and hatching eggs!

Biker DLC Coming to GTA V? 6 years ago

A modder by the name of TezFunz2 has found some interesting scripts in the game's code that could reveal a future DLC.

GTA Online is getting a huge new expansion in June 6 years ago

Rockstar promise this will be one of GTA Online's biggest updates yet.